WRG Mixtapes / Magazine?

What's Really Good Magazine started a few years ago to give indie artists a way to showcase their music tracks on a more widely reviewed basis. We accept tracks to be included on the mixtapes and then promote them with the What's Really Good Magazine, iTunes Store, The WRG Store, WRG Online Radio, Web Site Submissions, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Online Radio Stations, ReverbNation, and In Store Sales. We sometimes include tracks from established artists who allow us to help push the mixtapes into radio stations. Every artist submitting tracks for a mixtape maintains full artistic rights to their tracks and only provide us the right to promote. Each artist will recieve free copies of the mixtape and ALL mixtapes are available on iTunes or this website for their fans.

Some artist will be featured in corresponding issues of the What's Really Good Magazine that are available Here and they will also receive free copies via mail for their portfolio.

About our Team

  • @SirCharlesB1 - President / CEOAs the President / CEO, @SirCharlesB1 makes the decisions on all of the content of both the mixtapes and the magazine. He reviews all of the tracks submitted and generates feedback to the artists for track improvements. He is the driving force for What's Really Good Magazine.
  • DJ's, Producers, HostsWe contract a variety of people to give us versatility in our MixTapes and the Magazine. If you would like to DJ or Host a What's Really Good MixTape or be featured in the magazine. Email Us with a BIO and you will be considered for future projects.